[Feature Request] Serial Plotter background image

It would be a handy feature to be able to assign a background image (on plotter command bar or in preferences) to the serial plotter and have it scale to the plotter window. That way the serial plotter could be used in many new ways, like plotting your reflow oven's temperature over a background temperature profile image.

You can always feed the data directly to a spreadsheet to have custom backgrounds.

That gives you much more control than a simple serial monitor could ever do.

Yes, that's the ideal manual solution for working with data and plots after testing.

However, having a real-time visual display (customizable) would be ideal. Even if the Serial Plotter's background could be set to transparent with option to show/hide the scales and labels, the user could move and re-size the Serial Plotter window over a datasheet plot, scope trace or any image for comparison and also use this feature to overlay on an image with new scaling and labels.

  • An enhanced form of "visual" debugging while troubleshooting or calibrating
  • User could showcase their code/project using the serial plotter as a customized display device
    EDIT: Whoops ... my apologies ... thanks for the link. I'll definitely take a look into this!

NP...I have used a couple of methods for REAL TIME plotting and have to say I was very impressed as it also dealt with some buffer issues and allowed me to manipulate a few other variables at the same time.

For the life in me I cannot find the specific post that deals with just what you want

Tee hee Found it !
That should be of help to you.


I think this can be solved by a Arduino Ide "plugin" that creates a new type of the serial plot class (because its hard to override the paint function used by the plot)

I have tried to just replace the background image but that seems to replace everything in the plot window.

So the best approach is to create a custom variant of the "plot" class that have those new features. And that can then be started instead of the original "plot".