Fedora 14 - trouble Serial Port


I'm using fedora 14, arduino 2.2, rxtx 2.1.77 and i'm having trouble uploading to arduino due to serial port issues.

I always have to make an hard link from /dev/ttyAcm0 to /dev/ttyUSB0, but this doens-t allways work and i spend more time trying to make it work than actually doing what i bought the arduino for. I'm getting close to madness state.

even when it works and i'm able to program it, if i need to see the serial console (wich i need) one of 2 thing happen, 1- i get the serial console but i cant upload sktech anymore, or 2 i dont get the console at all.

Sometimes i also rm the /var/lock/Lck...ttyUSB0.. but it randomly works, i really dont get it.

Am i doing something wrong or is this supposed to be like this???

Best regards, Paulo J. Martins