Feedback and comments needed on a Robotic Arm (OPEN SOURCE)

Hi all
We are about to release a new project, the pyBot (SCARA type / 3D printed/ Open Source) Robotic Arm.

The project updates can be seen here (and some videos of the arm doing things):

The pyBot is a Python code controlled robot. It has free control APPs for iOS and Android devices and Python written control APP. You can add a lidar to the gripper and measure the distance (+-2mm accuracy, 20Hz refresh rate) to the ground level... well, some cool features we wanted the robot to have.

The electronics in charge of controlling it: Enhanced Arduino Zero board

It has a repeatability of 0.2mm and up to 200mm/s X/Y speed

Two Pybot robots collaborating

The thing is: we would love to get some feedback from you. Any comment, any feature request, anything will be more than welcome. Sometimes, when you spend a lot ot time working in something you miss the perfect "target", se we are asking the Arduino/Robotics community for another and "clean" point of view


Is it possible to use general Arduino M0? Could I make it myself?