feeding PWM signal to the RC hobby rate gyro?

anyone expert in PWM signal? i want to feed the rc hobby rate gyro with pwm signal towards its signal wire because i dont have remote control receiver to connect it to the rate gyro, so i need to feed the gyro with PWM signal to replace the signal come from the remote control receiver..anyone know the characteristic of the PWM signal need to be fed up?


You can use the servo library for this, it generates the same signal as an RC Receiver would.


Duane B


thanks a lot DuaneB for your information. but here my problem is how do i designed my own rc receiver just for feeding the rc hobby gyro with PWM signal? thats mean my rc receiver only applied for 1 application only that is feed PWM signal to the rc hobby gyro. i use the rc hobby gyro with heading lock here.. the information you give me is only retrieving the signal from the RC receiver only, but here i want to create a signal that is similar with the signal come from that RC receiver. do you have any idea bout this? i'm stuck with this problem so long. i want to use this signal to operates the rc hobby gyro with rc servo to make pan tilt system for my dslr camera. pan tilt system sold out there are too expensive for me and i see someone use the rc hobby gyro the futaba gy401 with the servo to do it, but i dont know how can i do like that.. :disappointed_relieved:

The servo library described in the second link allows you to output an RC Channel signal from the Arduino pin of your choice.

Its as simple as -


The arduino will now be outputting a constant 1500us signal from the selected pin.

Duane B

fuuh..now i get it..and thanks DuaneB, now i can get my gyro-servo running..why am i thinking too complicated..hahaha.. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
by the way DuaneB, do you know how do i get this rc hobby gyro hk401b running into AVCS mode? its just only running on rate mode..some says i need to use potentiometer to change its gain..some says i need to set HIGH for AVCS mode and LOW for RATE mode or vice versa..do you have any idea? once again thanks for helping me..sorry im still new with arduino and electronic. =(