Femtoduino USB Serial Communication


I am fairly new with Arduino and purchased the Femtoduino USB board for project in a very tight workspace. Since this board is relatively new I was not able to find too much documentation on it. I encountered a problem when attempting to read serial data from the com port. The com port was flooded with erroneous characters, is this a hardware limitation that the Femtoduino cannot send / receive serial data? What are some solutions to fixing this, my project requires a data stream to be received by the Femtoduino.

Hopefully you guys can shed some light on this or direct me to some good tutorials with the board. Thanks!

The com port was flooded with erroneous characters

You know this how? What is on the other end of the mysterious serial port?

The chip on the Femtoduino is exactly the same as the normal Arduino, just a different package.

Garbage at the serial connection is incorrect baudrate.

// Per.