FemtoOs on arduino, anyone?

Hi, I am looking at this tiny OS I found on the internet http://www.femtoos.org/ and I wonder, if anyone can give me a hand with getting it to work on arduino?

Regards, Peter

Did you see this ?


FemtoOs, should work on the arduino as it will work on a large number of atmega chips. Technically it then wouldn't be an arduino becuase it wouldn't use the arduino environment


Technically it then wouldn't be an arduino becuase it wouldn't use the arduino environment

This is true!

Also FemtoOS is based on preprocessing source files and even though you can build a completely different core for the Arduino, and still use the stnadard IDE, it would not support running the "preprocess" step as is.

Looking at FemtoOS I get the impression that the guy at least knows what he writes about (less so for the alternative linked above) and also he has it working for a fair number of CPU's.

My two cents on RT-OS in general:

To me Arduino/AtMega is a platform for special purpose development. Even though many applications require RT functionality at some level it really is straight forward to implement and adapt specifically to the need of the application and does not require or even benefit from the overhead of a RT-OS. A simple loop synchronized to the millis/microsecond timer will usually suffice. If you need to preempt a running task, you may do so with a timer interrupt handler.

Other platforms besides AtMega (e.g. Arm) would be much more apt through hardware features to support a good RT-OS implementation.

I see one exception however and that is if you have an academic interest in RT-OS/application design, then Arduino may be a good low-cost platform to explore your ideas on.

Yes I have to admit that if I wanted an OS on a low powered processor then I would use an ARM. I don't see the point of stretching an atmega, their best use is what they are currently being used for (hence the massive forum :D)


Thanks for the idea about DuinOS, but it has very limited functionality and that's why I'd like to use another (for example FemtoOS). I'm working on a project at collage and DuinOS is just "not enough". That's why I need to use a more complex OS. But anyway, I'd very much like to use it in arduino enviroment, as it is still simple to use.

Regards, Peter