Few questions about my project [Arduino battery]

I am building a Robot, having 4 DC motors connected via H-bridge (each connected with two DC motors), DC pump & two-three sensors.

We heard from the shop guy that DC pump needs quite some battery so we need to provide high volt battery.

  • We are thinking of powering Arduino with 12V re-chargeable battery. Are we thinking it right OR will it burn everything off? As many components are connected with Arduino so it needs quite a power to manage everything.
  • Each sensors & components needs a GND & 5V pin so how can we give each sensor a spot on Arduino? Is there any multiplexer or will we burn the arduino off?

Well, on an H Bridge, there's a +V pin, and then there is a +Vmotor pin. I don't know what H bridge you are using, but if it's okay with it's requirements, connect the battery to the +Vmotor pins, and then the Arduino's 5V to the +V pin.

And make sure to have common GND.

Powering the Arduino from 12v through the barrel-jack connection is perfectly OK.

Just don't draw power for any of the motors or the pump THROUGH the Arduino.