few Questions!!! chosing batterys and...

i wrote this spending so much time and i got broken !!! DAMN ITTTT so i will be quick

how should i chose batterys?

4 6v motors will just drain 4x quicker or need 4x more voltage too?

what to consider chosing batterys!

and how the heck should i supply 12v to my motors if they’re 12v ! dry batterys are expensive also lipy ones

i get 71$a month i know its much but what should i keep it for emergencys i cna’t just use whole money ! and i feel guilty buying things !

oh and can 416 or 717 motors make a quadricopter flying whit a arduino board in middle?
i guess they’re 3.3v each!

i want to make quadri copter but its freaking expensive ! 400$ wth ! that takes me a year to collect ! and it will be a lot of money!!! i also could spend it on other things !

oh and whats diffrent beetween a L dual h-bridge and LD293D? St motor controller?

for now i will just see if i can make a ground one !!! :smiley: as i got link broken forgot many questions will add the later

i got broken 2 times !!!

So many questions, and most all pointing to your not having a good start on learning basic electronics theory yet. You can't master electronics by simply asking questions and hoping on memorizing all the answers you get from many different people.

When you learn basic electronics you also gain the ability to answer some of your own questions based on the knowledge you acquire along the way. So much material is available on the internet to learn basic electronics, pick one and work your way through the subject.

ok sorry i already read tutorials but didnt understand this

You can not buy a few things and make a quadrocopter with it.
Everything for the quadrocopter should be light weight and powerful. So you need special motors, special propellors, and small and light electronics and battery.
I think you should try a less advanced project.

That was just for knowage!!! Btw my brothera old toy heli uses one of this and 3.3v amazing battery ;o :wink: weights 1g at most

Im buying stuff for a ground one then will think if i can afford or find the parts of quadri in here and start learning how!!!