FFB issue with bts7960

Hello noob here

I'm using a bts7960 with a 24v motor and 12v from pc power supply. However the motor fails to turn and the voltage i get from the bts m+ is barely 0.2v sometimes nothing at all

I have attached the wiring diagram. I also tried connecting the L&R en pins of the bts to arduino 5v but still doesn't work.

I have two possible conclusion but i'm no engineer.

  1. I need a 24v psu or 12v to 24v converter?
  2. bts is dead?

Any advice why motor is not turning is appreciated

Motor: 24v website with motor spec
PSU - 500w using 12v wire

Processing: Schematic_EMC-WIRING_V1.0.2.png...

Your code?

The code uploaded was a hex file i got from same source as the wiring diagram. Since its a hex file, i was unable to verify which pins were set for the lpwm and rpwm and the values.

I had reached out to the creator to see if he can provide the source code.

Computer PSUs don't output 500W on the 12V line, or anything like that, so you may not have as much current on the 12V as you think. The bulk of the power in a computer goes to the 5V/3.3V supply for the processor. However its not clear that is an actual issue, but it definitely worth checking that the 12V rail doesn't droop when you try to drive the motor.

You do have grounds commoned I suppose?

I'd start with a very very simple test sketch to turn the motor on in one direction, no PWM or anything like that, just enable and drive in one direction. This will sanity check the motor side of things independent of the hex file issue.

When i said 500w meant total max power of the psu and not the 12v wire itself

Yes common ground

FYI should of added this info earlier. I get 11.98v at the b+, a constant 4.98v at the L&R EN pins.
With encoder at 0 degrees, 0v on either pwm. if i turn it 250 degrees left the voltage increase gradually until it reaches a max of 0.35v on the lpwm pin and the rpwm stays 0v. If i turn opposite direction i get 0.35v max on the rpwm pin while the lpwm stay 0v.
Voltage only drops from the psu by 0.04v and i still don't get any output from the m+ on the bts

i found this code below but im not sure on the wiring. I'm assuming pin 3 will got to lpwm and L En has to go to 5v and that should make it spin constant in one direction?

int motorPin = 3;

void setup() {


void loop() {
   digitalWrite(motorPin, HIGH);

Got it working. Developer of the code eventually responded, it wasn't outputting enough voltage to the pwm pins. 0.35v i mentioned was too low to trigger motor to turn. Adjusted and it now works

Still thanks for your suggestions

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