Fibonacci pattern using two stepper motors

I have been searching for past few days about this need. I am involved in a project in which I have to make fibonacci pattern like int the image attached here. But I am little bit confused with arduino interpolation concept. So far, I could see that some tried G code to make a circle pattern and some tried raw arduino coding for XY interpolation for straight lines. But can't see anybody tired this idea. So I am in oscillation to start with arduino and stepper motors. I am here posting to know whether it is possible to produce fibonacci pattern using arduino or not? Help me!

Thanks in advance!

Image link:

Yes possible. But we are not here to do it for you.
Fib seq code is easily found on the internet, very common homework assignment, and I guess very common for cheaters to cheat on.

I don't see any image.. See this Image Guide


That’s not a fibanacci pattern, its some artwork slightly related to it.

Google “romanesco cauliflower” for one of the best examples in nature.

Mathematically its a plot of the complex value sqrt(n).cis(n*a) where n is integer from 0 up, a is
a parameter you can tune for prettiest spirals.

In C:

for (int n = 0 ; n < 1000 ; n++)
  float a = 0.9795 ; // seems to work quote well, better than 1.0
  float x = sqrt(n) * cos(n*a) ;
  float y = sqrt(n) * sin(n*a) ;
  plot (x, y) ;   // or whatever you want to do with the values

BTW I have absolutely no idea what you mean by “arduino interpolation concept”

Image from Original Post so we don't have to download it. See this Image Guide


Classic Fibonacci in nature

Tom.. :slight_smile:

How do you plan to make an image like that in Reply #4 with stepper motors?

Do you plan to create an XY table that moves the paper around and some sort of pen (with up and down movement) to do the drawing? Like a HP Plotter from days gone by.

Are you going to create a bitmap image on a PC and have a program that translates the bitmap into plotter movements?