fiddling with motor shield, but current isn't cut off?

Hi all
So i'm a newbie and as so many before me, i'm figuring out how to control motors, to help the apocalypse come around sooner, and i need your help.

I'm reading about 12v between the V- & V+ on the little red board there (see the attached image). Even when i cut off the 3.3v power to SIG on the red board there are 12v. The only thing that changes a bit is the resistance between V- and GND about 1.15k ohm, if i'm reading the meter correctly.

Do you guys have an idea of how to connect my motor to this red china board? Or maybe i've bought the wrong thingie?

Here's the thingie i bought:

Tanks in advance m8's.

That board is like a switch, it looks like you have wired the switch to short out your power supply from the Arduino, not a good idea.

Ground to Arduino ground, signal to an Arduino output. That leaves the other wire to wire up to your load. Then the other end of the load goes to the load power supply positive and the load power supply negitave goes to the Arduino ground.

Do not measure resistance in a powered up circuit it means nothing and can damage things.