Filament Feed system

Hey I'm currently building a filament feed system. I need the stepper motor to run continuously and to be able to control the speed with a potentiometer. I know it would be easier to use a DC motor but under these circumstances I've been asked to use what we currently have. If someone could give me some help with the boards I would use and some help with the coding that would be great cheers.

You have not said if you already have any Arduino or other programming experience. (You don't need any, but if I knew you have I would not try to teach granny to suck eggs).

Have you searched the forum for relevant information. I'm pretty sure speed control with a potentiometer has come up before.

There are many relevant examples that come with the Arduino IDE.

If you already have a stepper motor post a link to its specifications. If not, you will have to figure out the required torque and speed for your project and choose a suitable motor.

You will need a stepper motor driver to interface between the Arduino and the motor. It will need to be capable of managing the current required by the motor. This webpage has a lot of information about stepper drivers if you are new to the concept. Obviously I have no way to know if the A4988 would be suitable for your motor.