file from pc to sdcard trough ethernet??

is it possible to transfer a file from a pc directly to de sd card using ethernet.

i need to use the data in that file in order to make arduino do what i want but i dont wanna have to save the data disconecting the sd card from my arduiono an conecting it in my pc

thanks for any comment

If the Arduino with Ethernet shield is a client, it can make a GET request. The request contains the name of a script/executable to execute on the server.

If that script/executable finds the file, opens it and spools the contents back to the client, then the Arduino can get the contents of the file.

Saving it to the SD card, then, is trivial.

Writing the code for the Arduino and the script/executable for the server is more challenging that just moving the SD card between the two machines. It's only worth the effort, in my opinion, if the file changes often. In which case, saving the data on the SD card on the Arduino doesn't really seem like the right solution.

But, you really haven't defined what the problem is that you are trying to address.

the problem is that i want to control the pins of the arduino in a sequence written on the sd card which may be long, so that sequence is written in a pc a then i took the sd card and put it in arduino, but my next step is to make it completly automatic whitout manipulating the sd card, because the same pc may share the same information to more than one arduino.

may be another way to do it