File location of core libraries used in arduino Due

I am creating a library for arduino DUE that assumes the core libraries are installed. Where are these files located? I am using a different IDE to write the code since its much easier and it is my preferred IDE.

I just need to have a copy of the:

  • core
  • SPI
  • Wire
  • scheduler

so that i can paste it in the directory of where i am creating my own libraries which makes checking for errors easier than having to open the arduino ide again and compile there to check if everything is in place.

Do note that my arduino is installed from windows store. Which makes looking for the file a bit harder since those programs are typically not in program files

The easiest way to find it is as follows:

  • Select a board from the hardware package you want to find from the Tools > Board menu (in this case, "Arduino Due (Programming Port)).
  • File > Examples > SPI > BarometricPressureSensor (or any other SPI example sketch)
  • Sketch > Show Sketch Folder

That will open the libraries/SPI subfolder of the Arduino SAM Boards platform. You can navigate from there to the other libraries you need.

How about the core? i need access to the digitalWrite/Reads and PinModes. I have found the libraries of the core under what name would digitalwrite/Read and pinmodes be under? there are a lot of files under the core -> arduino folder

My instructions will bring you to: {Arduino SAM Boards platform folder}/libraries/SPI/examples/BarometricPressureSensor

The core library is at {Arduino SAM Boards platform folder}/cores/arduino

yes, what i ment is under {Arduino SAM Boards platform folder}/cores/arduino there are a lot of cpp and h files. which file would the digitalWrite/Read and pinModes function belongs

I found it! it was under wiring files

Thank you for the answer sir