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I have an Arduino with a SD and HM10 blue tooth cards attached. On the SD card is a web page, this web page is used to configure other configurations used by the Arduino. I would like to be able to upload this web page to a device (Android, iOS etc) via the Bluetooth connection and display in the Browser on the device so I can then change the configuration settings.

My reasoning for this approach is to not have a application which I need to download from the relevant app stores for each of the relevant devices. I would like to be able to come up to the Android and make a blue tooth connection and change the change the Arduino configuration settings.

Is this a possible approach or can some else suggest otherwise

In theory... Maybe... But in practise absolutely not. But you can take a look at web bluetooth: Communicating with Bluetooth devices over JavaScript - Chrome Developers

It's an emerging web technology that allows web pages to communicate with bluetooth devices. There's a few caveats though such as browser support (Edge and Chrome only?) and no classic bluetooth.

Why did you pick bluetooth?

The common way would be to use WiFi; your Arduino would be the web server and you can use the browser on the phone.

I am using and ESP32 -WROOM-32UE module which has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The project is a pump controller where a trade person (Electrician) will install. The installer will then need to get pump controller connected to the Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi needs to be configured (IP Address, SSID etc etc). To do this I thought there is a Bluetooth module in the ESP32 and it can easily be connected to by a tablet or phone. Users do this sort of thing all the time with other devices (headphones, speakers etc).
I then need to be able to open a screen on the tablet or phone to enter the Wi-Fi information. I was hoping I could download this screen to the tablet or phone from the pump controller for the user to enter the information. The process needs to be really really really simple. Do not want to download a app from the app stores or develop multiple GUI for each operating system (Android, iOS)

In that case, I unfortunately do not (straight away) have a solution.

Thanks for the your efforts

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