File transfer from PC to Arduino.

Hy everyone, i have an Arduino micro and a sd-card shield, i need to transfert a file from my PC to the sd-card. I think that's not possible but is there any way to transfer file content to Arduino via serial pins and maybe put the content in a variable?
Much thanks in advance.

There’s no built in way to do it, if that’s what you are asking?

But technically it is possible...
You could write a program on your PC/Mac/whatever your Arduino is connected to to send a file via the serial port using some other programming language or script (Python, powershell, .NET, etc).
Then write some Arduino code to read that serial stream and save it to the SD card.

What about power shell language?

Yes, what about it?
This might give you some ideas.

You can also very simply send a file to the COM port using the Windows command prompt.

Thanks i needed just that

I have some doubts that straight sending will work. It depends on the size of the file. When the SD card is actually being written (every 512 bytes), there is a chance that you loose data.

You can implement the Xon/Xoff protocol at the Arduino side and use a terminal program that supports that as well as sending files. I have been working on something like that but it needs fine-tuning.

Easier might be to write your own app for the PC side as well.