File transferring problem between 2 board

i used 2 arduino boards to use one to record data on sd card and then i sent the File via uart communication protocol and store it on the second sd card on the second board but the problem on the received file that the just the first values is ok but the other values written wrong inside the file i have attached the Tx file and the received RX file .

RX.TXT (453 Bytes)

TX.txt (3.57 KB)

It's your code doing that. Fix it.

hi ,
thank you for your reply this is the code of receiving what is the part that make this error

sketch_jun04b.ino (1.42 KB)

any help ?

You have two Arduinos with code. You posted code for one. You seem to be sending the same data back to the sender that you got. It isn't clear why.