Filled Waveform on Nextion Display

Hope everyone is doing well.
I am utilizing Nextion(NX1060P101-011C-1) waveform in our project for displaying vital parameters such as pressure, flow and volume. I have been trying to customize the waveform by either increasing the thickness of the wave, or making the waveform filled. However, my current research has resulted in no answers.
Is it possible to do either of those in Nextion? Increasing the thickness of the wave or making the area under the waveform filled. This isn't exactly effecting the functionality, however, this would greatly improve the UX, hence looking for a solution.

Hi saadak98,

To the best of my knowledge there is no built in way to do this.

You might be able to do something by writing code on the Nextion fill in the graph but I would expect this to require a lot of extra work and thought to make it work.

Maybe something along the lines of send the position of the first pixel on the left (so x= 0, y = location down from the top edge) to the Nextion and have it draw a line from the pixel location to the bottom edge of the screen. Send the next pixel location, (x = 1, y = distance down) and repeat. You would get a filled curve that way I think.

If you just want a thicker line then maybe as above but only draw a vertical line (say) 3 pixels long, then you will get a plot 3 pixels wide.

To trigger the Nextion to do something from the serial port you need an object on the display, which can be invisible, then put your code against a touch press or touch release event. Note that you have to send a touch press event followed by a touch release event, it's no good putting your code under touch press and sending only touch press events, it will do strange things.

Those are my first thoughts on how I would approach the problem, I don't know how well they would work and I certainly don't know how good they are.

My suggestion is forget this at the moment and get your system working with the standard graph, then work on this afterwards as an improvement.

Don't waste your time with the official Nextion library, look at my tutorial at the top of the Display section of the forum, either use my methods or use Seithan's library.

Hi Perry,
Thankyou so much for the elaborate response. I will try the techniques that you mentioned and will update the results here. And yes, we have moved forward with the current graphs, so will implement and try the filling technique in the next iteration.

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