Filming with OV5642


I've built a remote control model boat, and I am looking at adding a camera to it. I'm looking for something around 5 MP and have identified the OV5642 as probably being the best for me.

I have two questions. Firstly can I film with this onto an SD card attached to an arduino? I think you should be able to but haven't found the code yet, just single image grabs. Maybe I'm just blind.

Secondly and more importantly, in the boat, the arduino is already acting as the speed controler for the drive motor. Would it still be possible to perform this if it is also trying to film stuff. The ESC code is about 4 lines long so I plan on inserting it into the filming code. Would this be a feasible sollution?


Have you considered the Mobius camera? It has video or still shot sequence capture onto a removable microSD card and an NTSC/PAL video output that can be sent to shore via a microwave link on your choice of four bands. I use one on a hexacopter and it works quite well.