Films and Objects

Hello all!

I would like to point you in the direction of a range of work created by us (Tom Judd and James Chambers - Most of which use the Arduino board. (an animation inspired by arduino tinkering)

Hope you like em!

I love these devices!!!

So pointless and overcomplicated, and yet so entertaining!

These made my day!

At first, I thought "why", but decided to look anyhow...

...and I love it!

It would be really nice to have devices like "floppy legs"; this is one piece of art that -is- practical, to an extent.

I thought the "anti-touch" lamp was very whimsical, but practical at the same time (especially when on - keeping people from burning themselves!). It also brought a smile because I remember when touch lamps became the "hot thing" in the late-1970s and early-1980s; as a kid the time, to me they seemed "high tech" (so did a VCR).

Finally, the "gesundheit radio" would be fun to own; seeing it lift up, ah-ah-choooo! Dust going everywhere - LOL!


I think I would want mine enclosed in a "cathedral case", though - it would be more fitting, IMHO.

Thanks for sharing these!


I suppose you have to humor nutters