Filtered DCF signal from Udo Klein's Superfilter to sync RTC on another board

hi all,

continuing my project to make a wall 7 seg. clock with time, date, week number, day...etc and DCF77 sync. The idea is to have Udo Klein's DCF77 superfilter on one board (DUE) to filter the signal and then capture that filtered signal on MEGA board where i have all the displays, sensors and 3231 RTC. What first sounded like a simple thing to do, after a full few days of different approaches, i still have no idea how to do it.

Superfilter on DUE board gets the signal in under 2 minutes, everything works perfectly. Filtered signal is output on pin 12... so everything ready hehe

now my questions is, if someone can provide an idea, hint or sample code for:

  1. MEGA board takes filtered signal from DUE board running the superfilter
  2. MEGA then updates RTC 3231 clock based on filtered signal
  3. "if" successful RTC update, do something... (probably LED on)

As i said everything on MEGA is running great so now just to sync RTC with filtered signal from DUE.

Many thanks for any help in advance, Alek