Filtering on the MCP2515

Hi Guys,

I'm busy with a project and i'm looking for a way to filter out two CAN id's
I'm using a MCP2515 8MHZ canbus controller and it has been working flawlessly.
But, since i'm logging on a can with a ton of ID's passing by, the MCP2515 is having a little problem keeping up. Especially because I need to see every message from the two speciic ID's. These ID's seem to skip sometimes. I can tell because one of the ID's has a counter in the last byte and it's missing counts.

Using IF statements is way to slow because I'm reading every buffer from every ID every time...

And i've haven't got any succes using the mask/filters.... I need to filter ID 0x548 and 0x448


This doens't seem to work... Have used a variaty of combinations.... Someone can help me out?


In my projects I set the mask 1 to the same value as the mask 0.
I don't know if this is really necessary but filtering works OK for me.

Well, turns out i'm stupid because I tried it on ID 448, but it needed to be ID 440 and 548... Lol...
Works like a charm now... Sorry to bother you guys!