Filtering out 433Mhz receiver noise

I’m trying to build the weather station receiver project with a La Crosse TX7U. I checked the output of the receiver using my audio card, and I can clearly see the sensor data. However, I see a lot of noise too.
See attachment to look at the signal.

I am using the code published for the station receiver (the one from, but cannot get any value out of it. In debug, I get a lot of missed zero, or missed one. It seems that the code is confused by either the noise, or a different timing (the protocol for the TX7U is identical to the one from the TX3-TH).

Ideally, I would wait to detect the long silence, then detect edge transition, but I must admit that I’m new to Arduino programing, specially interrupt based programming. If any one can put me on the right track, this would help.



Yes. I did the same test. I used that same code with a 433mhz receiver on an Arduino UNO and on an Arduino Pro. Got your results. Heard anything new on the TX7U?