Filtering question

Please, new to Arduino, can someone help me understanding a project?
More exactly, where is this .doFilter( implemented in this project:

I hope is not a hardware filter specific to microprocessor, I want to adapt this source for Android…

Thank you !

You’re referring to this line

v = fT[k].doFilter( v << 10 ); // multiply by 1024 to create some resolution for filter

So next you need to find the definition/declaration of fT

That is on line 252

filterRC fT[NC]; // filter for logged ET, BT

Next you must find filterRC in one of the include files; no idea which one. Do you have all include files used in the code?

Thank you for quick reply !

There is a cmndreader.h file in the project, where I found...

extern filterRC fT[NC]; // filters for logged ET, BT

No other reference to filterRC in the whole project, that can be found here:

I download
, extracted it and ran a grep for doFilter. The implementation can be found in cADC.cpp