Final assignment about arduino

Im new in here. if my topic is in wrong categories, sorry for that and i m bad at English. Sorry for that also. I have a final assignment about arduino but i dont know much. I will make a presentation about arduino. What topics should I talk about?

You could tell the audience about the amazing, supportive community the product engenders


can i do 60 page slide about these topics?

There's a lot of material out there.

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thank you for comment;
Is there anything else I can do?

You can talk about the project's origins and how unexpectedly widespread Arduino use became.

Read the forums for a few hours and you'll accumulate a long list of different projects in very different areas to give as examples.

Look at the product pages to see how more modern hardware has helped Arduino to evolve. Note that it has inspired other manufacturers to make their own micro controllers for makers e.g. Adafruit, Teensy.

Talk about clones, fakes, copyright, the legal troubles when the original crew had a falling out.

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thank you for comment :slight_smile:

plenty of what you need is here

You even have a presentation on slideshare if you want to go a bit into technology !

When do you have to present this?

today :smiley:

Seriously? You've left your assignment until the actual day it's due?

I remember showing up to my first Android class having finished reading the entire text only to find out that we were going to cover about half of the chapters.

OP, have you finished? You've had 2 days with the recommended materials.

Sorry. we have two weeks for it because i got permission. So i wanna hear your things about my final assignment.

Be sure to post it here

I think it will depend a lot on your field. Is it engineering? Programming? Economics? Marketing? Sociology? Fine arts? Theatre? Music?

In any of these fields (and in many more) you could fit in a talk about the arduino, but from different perspectives.

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