Final Year Project ( Security System )

Hi Folks,

I'm currently a student going into my final year and we have to do a Final Year Project (FYP) / Thesis as part of our final year. I opted to do try something with an Arduino, as my course is security based, I said I would apply it to that and try some form of security system.

I have a small bit of experience with Arduinos, we made a temperature sensor for an electrics module aswell as the basic projects to make an LED flash etc...

I'm mainly writing asking for feasibility on the ideas I have and the most appropriate boards for that task.
I know you can do things like an automatic door lock or stuff like that, all a bit too simple though.

I was thinking possibly something that may incorporate a door lock mechanism, can possibly be controlled by a phone app (Preferably Android as I have no experience coding for iPhones).
Some of the other features I was trying to pick from....

  • Take a Photo of Somone when they enter a room, send a message to you of the pic.
  • As said to be controlled by App, alternatively could be done through a website
  • Preferably it would incorporate the use of WiFi or Bluetooth to add another dimension

I realize this is all slightly vague, but I am still working on ideas myself to try and make it stand out, I would be starting as soon as possible, and the project would be due some time around March/May of next year.

If it makes it easier I have experience in
Some C

Any advice / tips would be greatly appreciated and please feel free to criticize, I'm aware the boards have a limited amount of space and memory so I need to show off my skills as much as I can.


Hi Darren,

All that sounds like a tall order for Arduino, but Arduino could probably form part of the solution. Considered Raspberry Pi?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the input, I figured it was quite a lot for a little Arduino to handle :sweat_smile:

I was flirting with the idea of incorporating a Rasp Pi into it aswell, I'm sure I could incorporate most of those things into an Arduino, but hardly on a single board.

I'll keep researching and see if I can come up with something challenging enough!

Hi Guys,

I dont want to be reposting so I'll just reply, I hate to sound like a beggar but I would really love some more input Ideas/criticisms. I am in a mild state of panic, I realize my project is far away but I would prefer to know what I was doing.

What about something like a Pin Code Door locker, and if its entered incorrectly, a camera could take a picture and send that to your phone?? Would that be doable on a single board?

hi darren,
i would like to tell you that i recently done my FYP with arduino . we guys have lot of convenience and a lot of problems also we also made a home security system with web control it has ip camera and few sensors and monitoring&controlling.
the main point i want to tell you that programming code size is the problem it could store only few bytes of data 16 bytes i think,,,
so our code was big due to it has HTML language also so we had a problem and i had to minimize a temp sensor because of coding length,,,
so make your mind clear about programming wise and how much your code bulks,,

Hi ehsanabdullah,

Thank you for your input, just wondering what board did you use for this project?

I'm thinking of tying to involve biometrics in this, in my current state im thinking :

A PIN controlled Door lock that can store a certain amount of acceptable PINS, new ones can be entered by an Admin PIN and stored somewhere. The code for this would be relatively straight forward and small.

I was thinking then it could be hooked up to a camera, send this picture to your phone, then if your phone could use something such as openCV to introduce a basic level of face recognition, as my course is security based, I am still brainstorming however.

Thank you for your reply.