Finally got my Arduino UNO

Hi all, finally lashed out and got an UNO and a heap of sensors and standard tools so I can run through the examples and get a feel for what this piece of engineering can do. I was very impressed by the specifications and although I have a major project in mind will tinker around with the basics first. I'm not out to break the record for frying it in the shortest amount of time.

I have an extensive background in C/C++ and assembler so have already jumped into some nice challenging code. Really "weird" though going back to a device with 32K and 16 bit, brings back memories of my Apple ][e.

I'm looking at "twinning" 2 Sony DSC-V1 cameras together to create synchronized left and right images for stereo photography.

I saw there are a few people looking at the LANC protocol so had a look at their code and examples.

Unless I have overlooked something it should not be as hard as I thought. I coded a function last night to send commands to 2 cameras at the same time which will only be used when taking the actual photo. Other functions can fire 1 after another without drama.

If it works it will save me US$150 as was going to buy a ready made circuit from Applied Logic.

I'm also interested in making an automatic feeder for the dog and the chooks we have. Something with a few brains and fail safe features built in.

Regards, "Hoek"