Finally running a new PC.

Well, the board, box and PS are new but the drives are used, many are pulls but hey a WD 250G on sale for $19, yeah I got that. ps - the deal is still around! (Western Digital WD2500AAJS Caviar Blue 250GB 8MB 7200RPM 3.5" Desktop Hard Drive)

So now I'm running a 3.88G AMD 4-core at 3rd-wave price and the speed even at quiet/low power setting is just amazing

I need to get a SATA disk burner so I can make a 64-bit Ubuntu boot disk, it's running 32-bit now Ubuntu now. I see a reasonable LG supposed to ship 'locally', time to order.

You can put the Ubuntu boot stuff on a USB and install from there. Shouldn't need a burner.

Yeh, last I made an Ubuntu boot I had to boot from a CD to make the USB from the Ubunto ISO.
So I went and got Mint and that ISO went to flash, no disc needed.

It is good to be able to open the IDE while I have the forum open.

Me too. Hackintosh. Dell 8930 6 core i7, 32g Ram, 16TB disk + 512gb SSD. Cleanish install.