Finally updated firmware, is this seriously this poorly documented?

I have had a really hell of a time installing the firmware on the Arduino and find that most of the help guides are very confusing.

This is the simplest guide to look at and it works.

major detail: USE THE .HEX FILES NOT .ELF

I have tried every single version of the elf files from distro 1.02 - 1.5.4 as well as the latest up on git hub. And was having lots of varied issues (unable to connect to a remote server, encoding issues in the responses where i was getting gibberish, running out of sockets after a few requests). What worked best for me was using the .HEX file from the latest build.

I was unable to get even the examples to run on 1.05 or 1.5.4 IDE. I am able to get them to work on 1.03 but it seems absurd that the newer ides can't handle the updated firmware. I am starting to think its time to switch to Studio 6 to have proper debugging so I can try and fix some of the issues occurring in the newer ides. Has anyone been able to pinpoint where in the updated Wifi Library code the issues are occurring?

No I am lying its not working. The responses from the client library are having what seems to be some kind of encoding issues

So the latest firmware using .hex files worked with t he 1.5.4 arduino libraries

What firmware are you talking about? What Arduino do you have?