Find blocks location and dipole

Just look at the picture of 100 piezoes that is on the bandage shape.
It is bendable so each piezo's location and dipole is different.

The point is
Could I find this piezo's location and dipole with simple way??
I device a way that using small camera to detect each of it but couldn't find small camera
and don't know the method to find location and dipole.

Could I solve this problem????

You might be able to solve the problem, but an Arduino probably will not be part of the solution.

You can actually get hold of one of these devices to experiment with ?
If the device is formed into a complex shape, I suppose you could determine the spatial coordinates of each transducer element in the matrix using at least 3 external receivers at fixed points. Send a ping from transducer Xi,Yj and measure the time interval to receipt on each of the 3 receivers and use geometry to calculate the coordinates. Repeat for all transducers.
It would be analogous to GPS with sound waves.