Find breaking weight

First off I’m totally new to arduino and appreciate any help given. Looking to find information on a project im trying to make for my wife’s class. She is tutoring a bridge building class, and im wanting to make a load cell that can find the max weight held before it breaks . Also would like to know if i can have her laptop graph and record it.

The image is what I’m trying to duplicate.



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want to do this with a 100kg s type load sensor. Will this setup record breaking point or will i have to change code

The device shown doesn't convey much to me.

Are you trying to measure a load in compression or tension ? - load cells are available in either type



ps professional ones aren't cheap

50 kg load cells found in bathroom scales are quite cheap to buy or pull out of an old / broken scale.

with four pieces (as provided by the scale) will be no problem holding 100 kg, a pair of them supporting one resting head of the bridge.

HX711 has two available speeds 10 and 80hz. So yes, if you send the raw readings directly to a computer via usb, there are some chances to plot a meaningful chart of what happens during or near the braking of the bridge. It depends a lot on materials, size and how abruptly it brakes. For faster readings (through arduino analog line) you’ll have to provide an amplifying circuit, the load cell signal is very weak, a few mV

I feel for this experiment great accuracy is not the concern, but the “shape” of the curve during braking is more interesting?