Find bugs in the WiFi examples in arduino-1.0.5 use with upgraded firmware

Hi, I am using arduino 1.0.5, arduino uno board and arduino WiFi shield(upgraded firmware). When I open the example SimpleWebServerWiFi I find that I have to click the button 2 times to turn on or off the pin-9 LED.

I check the code of the example between 1.0.4 and version 1.0.5, the code is the same. I wonder if the example in 1.0.5 has to be modified in order to run in the upgraded firmware. Is there something that the modification can't catch up during the upgrade transition period?

Another bug found in WiFiWebClientRepeating example was the WiFi connection couldn't keep hold after about 1 minute.

Thanks Hoyt

Hi, today I check again, find SimpleWebServerWiFi OK but WiFiWebClientRepeating still lost of WiFi connection after about 13 cycles, showing the error of "No Socket available". Thanks for comments if any. Hoyt