Find connector names?

We where looking for hours in Mouser , trying to find a similar connector without success.

I am looking for the name of this surface mount female 5 pin connector from the new Arduino's :

The pcb connectors

Or any similar Molex connector, if you have any idea what it is I will be thankful .

they look like JST connectors to me :)

I'd wait until the modules and all specifications become available.

@mmcp42 , would you marry me ? I love you :)

Thats it.

With connectors, usually Mouser does not have pictures and its really hard to find these things .

Do you know other type of aesthetic similar connectors ? some surface mount receptacles that looks gentle ?

Thanks again .

I'd also consider PTH connectors, for better mechanical stability. Bending a chain of modules will put strain on the SMD connectors and the copper plating of the PCB. Who knows how average users will treat their modules?