Find Replace

It could be my computer but if it isn't it would be good if when i use the Find Replace window i could copy and paste into it. I can be a bit of a pain to keep typing into it.

And also maybe some tick box's so i could choose to do all the tbs or juts a selection with the default being just the one your editing. :)

C&P works fine into the Find / Replace box here.

You can do a single replace by clicking 'Find' and then 'Replace' rather than 'Replace All'

Ahh Well. C-P still doesn't work hear no idea why.

I know you can Find one at a time i was meaning being able to do more than on tab at once. Or am i talking rubbish does it do all the tabs anyway if you hit Replace all?

After the first find, Replace replaces the one it found, Replace All replaces them all, or Replace & Find replaces the one and finds the Next ready for you to decide again. I find it quite elegent, but I'm maybe easily pleased.........