finding a 3.3V boost type regulator for 3xAA battery power Arduino

I'm trying to locate a good 3.3V voltage regulator. Here are the requirements:

1) output voltage: 3.3V 2) Input voltage range: 3.0V to 4.5V 3) Low quiescent current, less than 1mA for sure, but prefer something less than 100uA range. 4) TO-92 type package, something that fits in 2.54mm spacing for strip boards.

I've been able to find one the fits most of these specs EXCEPT for the physical packaging. This is from On Semiconductor:

TI also make similar ones, also do not come in TO-92 package.

I'm sure there are others out there trying to do the same thing as me. What are you guys using for the voltage regulator? If you're using an SOT tye form factor, are you using some kind of PCB board to make soldering easier?

Whole bunch here, pick the output current you need. All caps & inductors already mounted, with 0.1" pads for pins.

Thanks. I looked at the Pololus before, dont' know why I ruled them out. Maybe I miss-read their quiescent current rating. 0.1mA is pretty good.

I wish they were cheaper. I was eyeing those $0.30 regulators because they're so cheap, but they're all probably manufactured at higher volumes, so they're all surface mount packages.