Finding easy way to connect programmer and mini pro

Hi, recently i bought this this handy programmer ( ) to use with my mini pro in which i've soldered these ( ) thinking it would be easy and comfortable way to plug it in. But then i found out that pins on the programmer are too thick. Neither any of my dupont male pins fit in ( ). Only these do ( ). Having to stick that programmer into a breadboard and having wires with proper pins come out of it to the arduino isn't really what i wanted :drooling_face:

Then i saw this guy ( ) using some sort of converter but I couldn't find. i Don't even how to call it which makes it way harder to find such thing on ebay. Could you please help me out? :D

And I was also wondering and wanting to ask - Do have any tips on some cheap, small, easy to solder, 6 pin connectors I could use in the final encased version my project instead of these bare pins?