Finding out the 8 pin on lcd

I disassembled an old home phone (Uniden) and I want to use the lcd on my arduino.

I don't know the pin layout, but it is not on internet.

Do you know any safe way to figure out manually the pins. (RS, E, GND, VCC, data... )? Do you think it's 4-bit, 2-bit or 1-bit or serial?

It's a NCOG079 (nanox? ) It got two pair of four pins. There isn't backligthing (On the phone, there is 3 led to do that job).

Linking the lcd controller to the lcd, I can see seven output on one side and 14 on the other.

On the phone, the connection from the lcd link to a proprietary Uniden chip, so I can't figure by that way

Sorry, I don't see NCOG079 on the list. You're sure it's there? Now that you have one post, you should be able to post a picture or a real link. Get us a picture. These don't claim to be HD44780 compatible but look promising. I would try to turn its logic on first with one of the spec sheets. 12-GND, 13-5V, 14-wiper on a trimpot.

CHIP ON GLASS are Wayyy cheaper than the standard LCD + Controller solutions we commonly use with micro controllers. They also have less of a reason to be standardized like the ones we like to use. (see pinouts… not exactly like the standard LCD’s…)

So, unless you can find an actual data sheet… I’d avoid a lot of playing around unless you still can get some guidance by reverse engineering the circuit it came from. If you can match your power pins up… then I would say the rest should be easy trial and error… if you are willing.

They do seem to follow somewhat of a manufacturers standard for the devices with datasheets. Maybe you will get lucky.

The datasheet aren't on the website.

I'll try to test a few configuration maybe.