finding out the best way to bookmark links and websites - which tool do you use!

dear fellows good day

finding out the best way to bookmark links and websites - which tool do you use!?

Consider the following case-scenario: you sit in front of your notebook and you just stumbled across an exciting article you really want to read, unfortunatly you have no time at all at the moment; you have a bunch of work that need to be done before you can sit down and read it.

What can you do?

  • leave the text open in your browser.
  • email the the URL-link to yourself, but
  • use the toolset of your browser to bookmark the site...

question: is there a more convenient and easy-to-read way.

i have seen some of the following:

  • Evernote Web Clipper
  • Trello
  • Bitly
  • Pocket
  • Pinterest

and besides the above mentioned i have had a quick view on Digg and Mix and even to Reddit

and others more. I would choose a easy to use one.

Question: is there a google-tool also available.

which tool do you use!?

look forward to hear from you
yours Apollo

I just use the bookmarks in my browser. I have them divided into different groups (like folders) - for example I have one called Arduino Follow-Up where I put links to things I need to come back to. These are things where the need expires so I just delete them.

My browser (Opera) has a very good search tool for bookmarks and I take care to store things with words in the name that I will find natural when doing a search. IIRC Firefox has a similar search facility.


I click the BookMark icon and save it to an appropriate folder. (on the iPad using Google Chrome)

Sometimes I also EMAIL it to my PC then never look at it again ;).

hello dear Robin hello dear Larry.

first of all - many many thanks for the quick reply. I am glad to hear from you

i use the chromebrowser and i use the bookmarks there.

the good thing +

the sync from one device on another is just great

I generally work on one PC so just drag shortcuts to URLs that I am interested in into a folder on my desktop.

use a separate browser just for Arduino, or any other interest. Firefox for general use, Midori for VWs, Vivaldi for Arduino et cetera.

periodically export bookmarks. this creates an html file. no need to email it

there are enough browsers around to make this work