Finding reed switches?

So I am wondering what kind of electronics applications can I find reed switches in?

I want to see if my electronics class has some things that might contain them?

Things like door & window sensors. One side has magnet, closes the switch on the other side when in position. Google it, you can find more examples. I have seen used in airplanes as part of landing system, sensing when doors are closed for instance.

My project here:-

you guys didn't get the question. well at least grumpy mike didn't.

I need common applications of reed switches that i could likely find. But whatever

Home alarm system - that's pretty common.

"flip phones" and similar devices seem to be using reed switches to detect when they've been opened. Generally really tiny reed switches.

Assorted waterproof device use reed switches inside their housing, and external magnets, for power and function switching.

Alarm switches have already been mentioned.

Reed switches used to be very common in "reed relays", used for signal switching in assorted communications equipment. Here they've been largely replaced by solid state switching, I think. (This generally means that you can't find cheap surplus PCBs with a half-dozen reed relays on them. The concept and form factor has survived.)

eBay is a good source of reed switches.

Access control systems use them to detect when the door is open and closed. However, for the last 40 years they have been being designed out of products because of the life they have and the reliability. Now hall switches are used.

Bicycle speed/distance "computers" Domestic water/shower booster pumps (flow sensing) Central heating boiler water flow sensor Miniature DIL relays Wind direction indicators (the cheaper ones use 8 or 16 reeds)