finding rf code and using receiver to turn on relay

I want to use a two button RF remote controller to turn on a relay for my dust collection system. i ordered a 433mhz receiver and have the remote, I want to pair the remote to the receiver to activate the relay,(need to decode remote to work with receiver) which i plan to open the circuit and it will start the vacuum. here's my problem very new to Arduino and haven't seen anything cut and dry as i want it to be, other sketches are too convoluted and doesn't fit my needs. any ideas would help or sketch search parameters would be appreciated
i already have radiohead sketch any other idea

here is a tutorial RF 433MHz Transmitter/Receiver Module With Arduino | Random Nerd Tutorials

Have you considered purchasing the complete thing completer with FOB and 2 channel relay receiver. They can be purchased for under $15.00 from a lot of different sources. That will be more cost effective then building one.

There is a solution that works without the arduino, if you are looking to just turn on and off the relay.

I used these remotes from adafruit and worked like a charm

And receivers

I had a need a few years ago and kinda still do, but havent set it back up.
But basically i used these for 2 projects.. One project was to control a relayed outlet that was connected to my internet modem and wifi router. Being lazy, there were times(rare, but enough) that the connection was slow down or prevent our tv's to not connect, so instead of getting up in the middle of the show, i would simple press the button, and it would turn off the relay(shuts down my 2 devices) and then i would press it again and power would be restored.

Another project was for a set of LED's that were inside my Iron Man helmet, so with the remote, i would simply turn on the helmet lights when needed to show guests or just because.. this allowed me to keep the helmet on display and not have to handle it everytime i wanted the lights on..

NOW, if you are looking to have more control (meaning more than just on and off) then the arduino would help with that, but should still be able to use these within your project.

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