Finding Right Sensor!

Hi All,

For our project we are planning to use "Laser Diode Keyes for Arduino" . Could anyone help us to choose the right laser sensor for capturing the light emitted from Keyes laser diode?

Thanks in advance. Advika.

I suppose you could use a simple photodiode or photoresistor?

As always though, you'll get a better answer if you describe what it is you plan to do with it....

"Keyes"? What does this even mean?

KenF: "Keyes"? What does this even mean?



So it's just the manufacturers name?

I think it comes down to a generic laser diode.

Google. Laser Diode Keyes for Arduino

And you get a thread on this site on using it as output but not on sensing it.


650nm Keyes Laser Diode Module for Arduino

This Ambient Light Sensor seems well suited to detect 650nm light. It has 0.11ms rise and 0.22 fall response.


Thank you all for your response. Let me go through the provided links if I have any doubt further will get back :)