finding the timing between 2 pulses

i have a mic that creates pulses on 2 channels (2 pins), there is a small app (for that device) on pc with a button,when i click it, it sends 1 pulse at a time. and another button that creates 100 pulses

i connected these pins with arduino 2,3 pins to find the pulse of each chanel, with success i found that the pulses are like this:
i also succed to find the delay of each pulse on high and on low.

but i cant find the order/time that the mic creates the pulses.
for example, i dont know witch chanel starts first and the delay between of them

it could work with this order:

or it could work like clock pulse

how can i find it?

i tried with this code

val = digitalRead(pulse_1);
if (val==0) {
     while(1) { }

but i get all the same answer, even if i change the chanel pins…

something intersting, both chanels have the same delay on pulses so they are the same, it cant be like clock.

so i only need to find the time (t1) between each channel

but i cant, is it posible to be sent simultaneously?