Finger Print Scanner (FPM10A) not working

Hello Everyone,
I purchased a Finger Print Scanner (FPM10A) from AliExpress.
FPM10A Fingerprint Reader

Unfortunately I am not able to use it.
It has 6 pin connector with no datasheet, so I searched Google and found the connection diagram.

I cut this cable and connected the header so that I can use it with Arduino Mega Board.

But when I connect this sensor with Arduino, I did't see the Red Led blinking, not even for a single time.
I thought it will blink, whenever supply is connected, from the link given above, it is mentioned that it can also work on 5V, even i provided 5V supply (External Supply also).

I also cross-checked my connections, with a multi-meter and marking on the bottom of this PCB and it looks everything is connected properly.

There are some test pads like T(tx), R(rx), 3v3(VCC) and GND, and i checked with multimeter, everything looks fine to me.

I tried to run the enroll example present inside Adafruit Fingerprint scanner library but nothing works.

There is a Windows PC application used with this sensor, SFGDemov2.0, even with this application I am not able to connect.

I received the following error.


I used a serial sniffer tool and found that PC application is sending data, but this module is not responding at all.

Can anyone please confirm, If I received a faulty module or still there is any hope to get it working.
The reason I am saying that this sensor is faulty is because, I assume, that whenever someone supply power to this sensor, the red led will start blinking and I haven't seen this.
Those who have used this module can suggest me.

PC software cannot communicate via Arduino.
Try an "usb to ttl" adapter

..or run test-code on your arduino

PC software cannot communicate via Arduino.
Try an "usb to ttl" adapter

..or run test-code on your arduino

Thanks for your reply.
But it is possible, you can use Arduino as TTL to USB converter, simple trick, check the link below.

Secondly, i tested with USB to TTL converter (Prolific Based), and same result, didn't worked.

If you have worked on this can you, please tell me, that while powering up, led blinks or not.

I have not used the scanner.. cannot tell. Hope you succeed

There may something here
(read the whole post)

I really don't understand, what mistake I am doing earlier.
Today, I thought to make a video to share with the Seller, and inform him about the problem that sensor module is not working fine.
I tested the module with SFG Demo and it was not working and then I thought to try again with Arduino IDE Adafruit Example of Enrollment, and green light glows on the sensor module.
And after that I checked the scanner example and everything works fine. Great, and I really don't know what I was doing wrong earlier.
But finally it started working, and I am happy with that.
It's still not working with the Windows Application and I will try to figure out why it is not working.

Hi xpress_embedo I have bought 5 of these sensors and experiencing the same problem and I have got no luck in making these sensors to work, is there any chance I can work it.. I have tried uploading the code from adafruit examples and still I left with no luck, all these sensors LE's are not lighting up and all the 5 sensors are not responding to any of my command.

Please could any one provide the solution the same problem.

The FPM10A works fine with the SynoDemo V2.7 ( software provided by the chap who sold me the reader. I wired it to a Sparkfun FTDI adapter and it worked fine at 3V3. I have yet to test it with an Arduino.

BTW, the fifth wire is a 'something is touching the screen' active low output, and the sixth wire is the touchscreen Vcc, which I wire to pin 4.

I could not manage to get the reader to work with the SFGDemo V2.0. This software is probably for an older model.

HTH and cheers