finger print scanner holder

Hi Guys!
Referred to this fingerprint sensor: link
I would like to know how to fix it. I mean the is not even a screw or some holes... how can I hold it?
I found tons of these sensors online and I guess it's quite popular but... If I need to use it in a real application is there a box where I can put in or something?

Looks like a job for a 3D printer

ciao and thanks for your answer.
yes, I agree but unfortunately, I don't have any 3d printer. I was hoping there was a holder that comes with the sensor.
there is a groove actually but it doesn't help me or maybe I can't understand how to use it. I'm puzzled :confused:

my first thought is to get some spring clips and make a slide in mount. cut them below the bend, screw it down, block it from moving to the side.

hi guys. chinese have the solution: Modulo ottico per impronte digitali, modulo ottico per impronte digitali R307 dispositivo di riconoscimento presenza controllo accessi sensore di lettura|Fingerprint Recognition Device| - AliExpress?