finger sensor issue

so im building a finger sensor door lock with a key pad addition as a fun little project, im kinda new to all of this so im following this tutorial

(im using version 2 for reference)

im using the mega 2560, when i load the code, the LCD screen will light up with the correct prompt to scan my finger, but when i try to scan my finger it wont register, and the sensor just flashes with a green light. im not sure where to start with this issue so im reaching out to you guys for some help!!

Did you program your fingerprint into the database? Glancing at the tutorial, you have to press 'A' on the keypad to add a new fingerprint. This is required before any "matches" can be made.

yeah, but even the keypad feature is not working. im super stumped at this point

nvm got the keypad to work, but the sensor still wont register my fingers