Fingerprint ignition system

I'm trying to figure out how to turn on the ignition system of my car with a fingerprint scanner. Its an old car with a basic electrical system, no fuel injection or anything. So i think basically all i need to know if how to make a fingerprint scanner control 12v relays. Any help and advice, especially on selecting components would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

After recognition the relay should close for N milliseconds,
and when the motor is started the relay should open again.

I advice to train multiple fingers... had worked with stones on a Saturday and on Monday the FPR didn't recognize me any more :slight_smile:

I've been assuming that this scanner communicates with a digital signal, so i cant just hook it up to a 12 volt relay and expect anything to happen. What kind of hardware do I need in between the 2? Any recommendations?

An Arduino? as this is an Arduino forum....
To control the relay from the 5V Arduino you can best google "Arduino relay schema" and look for the images