Fingerprint problen

i used the adafruit example to get a fingerprint template from a fingerprint scanner and saved it as byte array on PC how can i transfere that template to another fingerprint scanner i can't find the command or an example

Do check out the manual/data sheet of your fingerprint module. If it's possible, it'll be mentioned there.

It is mentioned in the documentation , but I am not good enough to make the command packet and the data packet to send to the fingerprint scanner so i hoped to find it ready in a library thank you .

When you want some help, be sure to post details.

I see. Well, here's a useful how-to for you to get you on your way. Make sure to read it carefully and follow the instructions given.

I think you want command 9 which the ZFM documentation calls "DownChr". The Adafruit library does not implement this command and doesn't include it in the command list.