Fingerprint sensor - Help with wiring


I'm having trouble to figure out what are VCC, GND, TX and RX pins... Can't find anywhere this model of sensor that I received from ebay. Here are the pics of the sensor. Even the cables that came with sensor are not colored, all 6 wires are red...

You need to give us more information for us to help you, such as the make/model number, or a link to the seller's page.

Thanks for the reply. That was problem, I didn't received any info about it. No model, number, wiring diagram, etc, just blank sensor.

So I opened it and managed to figure out what pins are what.

If anyone has this problem with this model of sensor, here are the pins:

  1. GND
  2. RX
  3. TX
  4. VCC (3.3V)

Now it works perfect, so it's solved.