fingerprint sensor interfacing arduino

i am working on a project i need fingerprint to access all locks of the house using GSM

i am confused about which modules/sensor will be best for this :cold_sweat: :

1)fingerprint impression
2)interfacing fingerprint sensor with arduino( which arduino ? uno?)
3) GSM communication

please guide me with best options?

Your best option is not to post the same question four times in different parts of the forum.

it was my mistake.


any help wuld be great

any help wuld be great

Pick ONE part of the project to concentrate on. Which part looks hardest to you? Tackle that first.

For instance, you might get a fingerprint scanner, and connect that to the Arduino. Learn to detect when one, known, fingerprint has been scanned.

Then, learn to add additional fingerprints.

Then, learn to unlock a door when a known (valid) fingerprint has been scanned.

When that all works, figure out what you want to tell whom, and add a GSM shield and write some code.


i am asking again i got how to work in parts but what about best sensor/ module / arduino ?

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And look at this.

Best of luck!

but what about best sensor/ module / arduino

There is no best in any category, if there were the there would be no competition.
Any arduino will do what you want but a Mega will give you the extra serial ports required for your scanner and GSM to be easily interfaced.