Fingerprint sensor, suggestions?


I'm an electronics student and i want to build a biometric system (that can identify a person based on his/hers fingerprints) for my diploma which is in about 9 months. And since it's going to be a fingerprint based biometric identification system i need some advice regarding the fingerprint sensor. I found some pretty promising devices on the web but they all had this own algorithm inside that helped with the enrollment/identification procedures and i don't need that...all i need is a blank sensor so i can model how i want. So, if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to comment below.

Best regards!

You need a fingerprint CCD sensor, like the ones mentioned here:-

Their is probably not enough memory on a Uno to hold an image so go for a Mega or a Zero.

Thank you, this is very useful to me.

I not sure yet how i will use the arduino, i don't really want to store the templates on it, i think it would be used as a interface. (not sure yet)